Services and Fees

At Luna Midwifery, we provide complete and individualized prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care. The total fee is $5000, due in full at 36 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. A $500 deposit is due on the first prenatal visit. Payment plans and bartering agreements can be agreed upon on an individual basis.

We are medicaid providers. Medicaid covers our fee and labs and ultrasounds. Clients who have Medicaid are required to pay a $800 birth assistant fee and to pay for their birth supplies, which cost about $100. 

There is a $500 transfer fee charged if clients transfer to the hospital in labor. This is to cover the cost of midwifery labor care and labor support, which is not covered by Medicaid if the baby is born in the hospital. 

Private Insurance:
We do not participate with any private insurance. Clients with private insurance pay for services themselves by 36 weeks. We can give clients a billing statement at the end of the care that can be submitted to the private insurance company for reimbursement. The charge for supplying the billing statement is $100.


The $5000 fee includes the following:


Prenatal visits: from 10 weeks until birth.
In prenatal visits, we check vitals (blood pressure, pulse, fetal heart beat, and measure the growth of the baby and assess the baby’s position, etc). We also discuss options for tests and screenings, nutritional counseling, labor and birth preparations, answer any questions that clients have, give recommendations for pregnancy discomforts, and get to know one another. Our visits typically last one hour, and we develop a relationship over the course of care that results in improved outcomes for the mother and baby.

The prenatal visit schedule:

10-28 weeks:
Monthly office visits
28-34 weeks:
Bi-monthly office visits.
36 weeks:
Home visit: At the home visit, you meet the birth assistant(s), and we go over labor techniques, when to call us in labor, look over the birth supplies, and talk about how to set up the birth tub.
37-41 weeks:
Weekly office visits
After 41 weeks:
We will see one another twice a week until the birth.
Postpartum and Newborn Care:
We provide postpartum care and well baby visits for babies 6 weeks after the birth. At these visits, we assess the mother and baby, check vitals, and offer breastfeeding support.

Postpartum and Newborn Visit Schedule:

24-48 hours after birth:
Home visit
3-5 days after birth:

Home visit (as needed)

1 week after birth:
Home visit
2 weeks after birth:

This postpartum visit is in the office in order to perform the newborn hearing screening.

4 weeks after birth:
Office visit (as needed)
6 weeks after birth:
Office visit (final visit)

Lending Library: We also give you access to a lending library with books and DVDs filled with resources for healthy pregnancy and natural child birth.

Additional reminders:

  • I am on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until birth for all my clients.
  • The fee also includes the assistants fee.
  • There is no additional charge for using the birthing tub.
  • The $4000 does not include the cost of lab fees, ultrasounds, birth supplies, visits to other health care providers, vitamins, herbs, or other remedies.
Water Birth:

We attend water births. We have tubs that we lend to clients at no additional cost. You are responsible for buying a few extra water birth supplies: a tub liner, a hose, an adapter, a fish net, plastic to protect the floor, and 4-5 extra towels.

To read more about water births, read the following article or download a PDF of the article: here. This article was written using data from the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) statistics.